Whitening cream Elaimel
Elaimel Collagen Whitening Body Cream
Whitening Body Cream with Collagen
Whitening cream Elaimel
collagen cream for sensitive areas
Whitening cream Elaimel
Elaimel Collagen Whitening Body Cream
Elaimel Collagen Whitening Body Cream

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Elaimei whitening cream


The whitening cream for sensitive areas or Whitening Cream in English is a product formulated based on plant extracts. This with its daily use can offer you the following benefits.  

Helps repair thick pores and resistant to bacteria

Moisturizes, brightens and whitens the skin


It unifies the uneven color tones between the neck, the face and the torso.

Whitening cream


Uniform skin tone and hide imperfections. Leave white skin, bright complexion with a cleaner and lighter appearance.


Perfectly cover the imperfections of the legs, even the color of the skin and rebuild the smooth skin immediately and naturally.

Private parts

Created to help treat the appearance of dark, blemished areas, to blend and improve the overall appearance of skin, intimate areas and sensitive skin.

 Elaimel Collagen Whitening Body Cream

How to use

Apply a small amount to the desired area and massage gently. Do not remove or wash, let the skin absorb the cream. For best results it is recommended to use it at night and let it work so that it works better. 

Elaimel Collagen Whitening Body CreamElaimel Collagen Whitening Body CreamElaimel Collagen Whitening Body Cream

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Kojico Acid, Lachico Acid, Vitamin C, White Mineral Oil, and Hydrolyzed Collagen

Hecho en China 

Cont. Net 50 g