cream with collagen and nacre shell
For lines of expression
for wrinkles on the face

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(Anti Wrinkles) & (Anti Stain)

For mature skin
It is considered mature skin after age 30

remove eye and forehead expression lines

Cream collagen and nacre shell It helps to clear up and even disappear wrinkles, scars, burns, skin spots, and acne. It is effective mainly to clarify the expression lines on the face and to eliminate the spots that appear during pregnancy. The nacre shell helps keep the skin hydrated without leaving it greasy or sticky. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that nacre penetrates deeply into all layers of the skin.

La mother of pearl shell It not only eliminates wrinkles and spots on the skin effectively, but also contains exfoliating and nourishing properties that are involved in the regeneration and stimulation of skin cells. See below more particularly some of the benefits of this product.


Rebela skin more luminous and silky.

Fades away expression lines.

It helps to recover firmness.

Strengthens elasticity.

Slows aging.

forehead wrinkles

Provides deep hydration.

Eliminates stains cloth stains, age spots and sun spots.

Effective in the treatment against acne and removes the spots that it can cause.

It unifies skin tones and attenuates freckles.

Remove lines of expression

How to use:

Apply to the clean face with circular movements from the center outwards.

remove wrinkles from the face


If you notice any irritation or unfavorable reaction, discontinue use and consult your doctor.


Purified spring water, stearic oil, mineral oil, tween 80, a. oleic, propylene glycol, tea, glycerin, collagen aroma, a. benzoic.

Made in Mexico: for Shelo Nabel.

CONT. Net 280 g