Shelo Nabel Horse Chestnut Varicose Varicose Cream
anti varicose cream by shelo nabel
cream to remove varicose veins from shelo nabel
cream to eliminate varicose veins and tired legs
Shelo Nabel's Buckeye Cream
sore legs treatment by shelo nabel
shelo nabel varicose cream
cream for relaxed legs without varicose veins
cream to remove varicose veins from shelo nabel


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 shelo nabel horse chestnut varicose vein cream


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This product has two presentations, one in English and Spanish, although the two versions are identical, the only difference is in the presentation of the product.

Horse chestnut varicose cream shelo nabel


  1. With Centella Asiatica, so it has a relaxing anti-varicose action that promotes blood flow in the legs.relaxed legs with dark brown cream
  2. Visibly improves the skin in areas with varicose chestnut for varicose veins improve swelling with horse chestnut
  3. It also includes royal jelly that slows the skin's aging process, nourishing it and improving its elasticity.


horse chestnut

Horse Chestnut: Tonifies Veins


Centella asiaticas: Improves circulation.

mental plant

Mental: Relaxing

Alcalfor: For muscle aches

Royal Jelly: Rich in amino acids and micro nutrients and with great health benefits.

Lecithin: Source of natural vitamin E

cream for varicose veins horse chestnut shelo nabel

 How to use

Apply daily, gently massaging the legs and feet in an upward motion until the cream is completely absorbed. Recommended to apply 3 times a day.

Made in Mexico for Shelo Nabel  

Cont.Net 250 ml

cream to remove varicose veins from shelo nabel