Vitamin c eye cream
Vitamin c dark circles and eye creams
cream to reduce dark circles, bags and wrinkles
eye cream for dark circles
Brilliant Eye Cream, Anti-Wrinkle VC Serum
hyaluronic acid and vitamin c eye cream
vitamin c eye cream
facial treatment to remove vitamin c stains


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Vitamin c anti-wrinkle eye cream

The anti-wrinkle eye contour cream is formulated based on easily absorbed Vitamin C concentrate, hyaluronic acid and whitening essences of plants. This cream effectively solves problems around the eyes, including dark circles, bags and expression lines, regulates the moisture and oil balance of the skin, hydrates, whitening, repairs and reduces wrinkles, and promotes a delicate and firm eye contour.  

Vitamin c cream to reduce puffiness under the eyes

Use: After facial cleansing, gently apply an adequate amount from the edge of the eyes to the end of the eyes, with the ring fingers and massage until completely absorbed.

Vitamin c and hyaluronic acid cream to correct fine lines

Remarks: It is recommended to apply after cleansing the face using the VITAMIN C CLEANSING FACIAL FOAM WITH HYALURONIC ACID. This will amplify the effect of this cream, obtaining optimal benefits from both products, which will make you enjoy the results in the shortest possible time.

cream for fine lines around the eyes

Main Ingredients: Citric acid, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Cont. Net: 25 ml