Shelo Nabel Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll
liquid chlorophyll from shelo nabel to eliminate bad breath
liquid chlorophyll to eliminate strong odors
shelo nabel chlorophyll
liquid chlorophyll by shelo nabel
shelo nabel chlorophyll
shelo nabel chlorophyll to eliminate strong odors in the armpits
Shelo Nabel Liquid Concentrated Chlorophyll


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What is the use of liquid chlorophyll in the human body?
The chlorophyll taken serves many things in our body. Being liquid is absorbed more quickly, a slow and difficult digestion process is not required to assimilate its nutrients.
We have learned in school the importance of red cells: they carry oxygen, give us energy, clean the blood of impurities and help in the process of building new cells.
Drinking chlorophyll can really increase the quality and quantity of red blood cells. It helps to build red blood cells, contributing to the increase in energy and general well-being of the body by directly influencing its oxygenation.

shelo nabel chlorophyll
Why does liquid chlorophyll have benefits in our health?
The benefits of taking chlorophyll are many and it is something that is readily available to many people:
The benefits of this include not only being highly alkaline, but also the following:
1- It helps the regeneration of injured tissues caused by wounds: It has no antiseptic properties in itself, but it does have the ability to help our body in the destruction of germs. By strengthening tissue, it increases resistance to cell diseases and prevents the growth of bacteria.
2-It can help eliminate bad breath: It is very useful to combat both bad breath produced in the mouth, acting as a mouth and throat deodorant, as well as the bad breath that has its root in the intestine. It promotes a healthy digestive system - which in most cases is the main reason for bad breath.

how to eliminate bad breath
3-It has chelating actions of heavy metals: It is one of nature's most important chelates. It has a great capacity of
4- join and eliminate toxic heavy metals such as mercury so present in food from the sea today.

What are the properties of chlorophyll in the body?
It is a perfect antioxidant, although it is mainly due to the vitamins and minerals it has: Liquid chlorophyll has a high antioxidant value since it contains large amounts of vitamins such as A, C and E. It protects cells from oxidative damage by eliminating Free radicals
It has a high magnesium content: It is very rich in magnesium. This is a highly alkaline mineral which can help counteract the acidity produced by other foods.
Magnesium is very important in our body since it is necessary for the transport of oxygen, it helps in the formation of bones, nerves and muscles.

properties of chlorophyll
It has antianemic properties: It generally contains a high content of iron, folic acid and vitamin C. If you combine green leafy vegetables or their extract with some citrus fruit (since iron is better absorbed in the presence of vitamin C) , can contribute to raising iron levels in the blood. Very useful for people with anemia due to this mineral deficiency.
properties of shelo nabel's chlorophyll

Does liquid chlorophyll have contraindications?
This extract does not have medical contraindications or causes for which certain types of people should not consume it, since most people normally consume chlorophyll of the plants that we include in our daily diet such as: lettuce, chard or spinach.

Can liquid chlorophyll have side effects or negative effects?
The most common side effect could be that you urinate and feces turn a more greenish color than normal, but that doesn't really represent any problem.
In addition, if consumed in excess, it could cause diarrhea, because it is considered a very diuretic product.
chlorophyll plant

How to take chlorophyll and how many daily doses?

It is very simple to drink it. You just have to fill the measuring cap of 15 ml of concentrated chlorophyll in a bottle of water, or in a glass of water, for two to three tablespoons, and drink it as time water.

Who can consume it?

For children who are over 4 years old. The most appropriate dose is ½ tablespoon in water or juice a day.

eliminate strong odors with shelo nabel's chlorophyll

What does liquid chlorophyll do in our body?
• Provides vital energy thanks to its process of photosynthesis.
• Detoxifies and oxygenates our cells.
• Promotes digestion and is a great diuretic.
• It is an easily digestible source of vitamins and minerals, which supports blood circulation, intestines, kidneys and liver, helping to balance our metabolism.
• It has antioxidant action. Nourishes and strengthens the circulatory and intestinal systems. Chlorophyll significantly lowers cholesterol.
• Helps eliminate bad breath and bad body odors

Final report: We do not recommend taking them to pregnant women, or during lactation, even though the product is completely natural; in these states it does not recommend the ingestion of food and drugs that have not undergone the supervision and approval of a specialist physician.  

concentrated liquid chlorophyll from shelo nabel