3-in-1 color shampoo
dark brown toned shampoo
light brown shampoo
shampoo three in one coffee
shampoo three in one light brown
3 in 1 color shampoo light wine red
dark wine shampoo
natural dye in shampoo to dye gray hair
3-in-1 natural color shampoo
natural shampoo to paint hair
color shampoo for black hair
natural ingredients color shampoo
natural dye to tint the gray hair
Dark brown shampoo color
gray shampoo
natural color shampoo without chemicals or salt
3-in-1 natural color shampoo

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New presentation, same content

Black hair dye shampoo 3 in 1


Light Brown 3-1 Chesnut

Dark Wine Red 3-1

Coffee 3-1

Dark Coffee 3-1

Black 3-1

3-in-1 natural black tint shampoo

Product description

It can dye your hair in 30 minutes, specially designed to make your hair regain its color and shine through the normal process of washing your hair in the bathroom. This Shampoo is developed with non-toxic and natural ingredients that nourish, protect and repair your scalp. Compared with the traditional low-cost one, this shampoo saves time and does not damage the hair.

natural shampoo to color hair and gray hair


Suitable for Brown and Black hair

The color remains in the hair for more than a month.

Repair the scalp and shine. Offers moisture to the hair fiber and restores hair damage.

Detangles, nourishes and smooths the hair strand.

shampoo with natural ingredients tint

Mode of use

1. Put on gloves (otherwise, the nails will be dyed, although that does not affect health)

2. Wet your hair with both hands.

3. Clean the hair water.

4. Pour a little shampoo into the palm of your hand (the amount is approximately twice that of a normal wash)

5. Quickly apply the shampoo to the hair and rub it in until it reaches the bottom of the hair, then rub it in for 5-10 minutes for the shampoo to wet the bottom of each hair. And wait another 30 to 45 minutes.

natural shampoo with dye to color the hair without damaging it

Principal ingredient

Asian Ginseng Concentrated Extract 

Cont. Net 500 ml

 Hair dye shampoo 3 in 1