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Mokeru cocnut dye shampoo

Product description

The new pure coconut oil essence formula brings back a whole new and different experience for hair. Its content is rich in collagen which helps to strengthen the hair fibers from the inside out. This causes that after washing your hair you notice that it becomes shinier and softer. It is excellent for preventing hair loss and repairing hair from the roots. Not to mention that its function is to dye the hair easily and naturally, this product is free of harmful chemicals that other dyes bring, it does not contain ammonia, no pungent odors, no plumboum, non-stick skin and fabric. The pigment factor of this shampoo perfectly covers white hair, transforming it into natural black hair quickly.   

mokeru color shampoo

* Chinese black olive extract
* Coconut essence oil
* Ganoderma Lucidum Extrat
* Ayurvedic herbs, etc.

coconut shaker mokeru


  1. With dry and clean hair, apply a uniform amount of the shampoo that covers the entire area to be dyed.
  2. Wear plastic gloves (included inside) 
  3. Massage the hair well for 5 minutes until the shampoo spreads evenly on the scalp.
  4. Leave the shampoo applied for 25 or 0 minutes. 
  5. Rinse with plenty of water and apply conditioner. 
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Tips: Use it once a week for 3 weeks for the early phase, then twice every 2 weeks, once a month for best effect.

1. Convenient: easy to use, like using normal shampoo
2. Time saving: Make your hair black and shiny hair in 5 minutes, Color tint needs 35 minutes.
3. Cost savings: Compared to the expensive cost of dyeing hair at the hairdresser,
4. Long Lasting: Ginger Black Hair Shampoo lasts for 6 months.

Mokeru color shampoo

 Cont. Net: 500 ml