Sunscreen 90 Fps
Anti-stain cream with sunscreen fps 90 to lighten skin
Desaar Sunscreen Whitening Sunscreen SPF 90
sunscreen skin protective cream
Facial and body whitening sunscreen
Body and Facial Sunscreen Cream
Anti-aging sunscreen cream factor 90 fps
Snail slime cream with sunscreen fps 90
Sunscreen cream for skin whitening fps 90
100% natural cream with sunscreen
Sunscreen 90 Fps disaar
snail slime cream with sunscreen


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90spf Sunscreen Whitening With Snail Slime

Description of the product:
Disaar's Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF90 prevents sun from damaging your skin and fights the appearance of pigmentation spots and those caused by the sun's rays. 

This sunscreen is a gentle formula. Comprehensive UVA / UVB protection and high-strength antioxidant ingredients protect you from UV rays and environmental damage.

The ideal combination of technological innovation and beauty knowledge leaves your skin glossy, even and radiant.

Disaar snail sunscreen

The main characteristics of this product are: insulation, sunscreen, cover the defect, the fresh texture is not greasy, the light is not heavy after use.

Contains sun protection factor, formation of soft protective film on the skin surface, you can avoid isolation, filtration, reflection, dispersion of sunlight in UVA, UVB and dust in the atmosphere, etc. Exposure to the sun, to prevent sunburn on the skin and produce premature feeling.

Sunscreen with Snail Slime
Warm natural sunscreen with natural plant essence and VC, can provide skin full of nutrients and can protect skin moisture, prevent sunburn, VE ingredients can enhance the role of sunscreen.

Snail slime: It is an excellent cellular regenerator due to its properties nutritious of this secretion, when applied to the skin helps prevent and reduce wrinkles, reduce stretch marks, helps to reduce small acne scars and even sun spots.

Sunscreen spf 90

Green tea extract It is an excellent antioxidant, relieves the effects produced by free radicals, and the lack of water on the skin caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Improves and repairs skin texture by removing the appearance of burned skin and alleviating heat stroke symptoms.   

Special formula To make the product a smooth and refreshing texture, it is not greasy, after the use of light does not cover the pores. Feeding the shiny face, while the products are waterproof, anti-sweat effect, also are not afraid of falling into water outdoors.
Facial Blocker for Oily Skin with Snail Slime SPF
GRAPE y UVB effects on the skin: sunburn, skin laxity, dull skin, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dry aging, tanning, drying and peeling, sunburn

Apply: Before leaving, apply the product evenly in a position exposed to the sun such as the face, neck and arms. 

Use: After cleansing and refreshing the skin, apply a little evenly to the face. Can also be used for reproduction purposes before makeup (even oily skin, makeup will not make powder fall off)

Sunscreen 90 spf

Cont. Net: 100 ml

Made in China for Disaar