Hair Salon Hair Oil

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ6439
aceite lansiyi para la caida del cabello
Máscara de cuidado del cabello
lansiyi essential oil anti fall
Hair Salon Essential Oil
argan oil to stop hair loss in women and men
natural product to stop baldness
producto natural pa detener la calvicie
natural oil to restore hair stop hair loss and alopesia
Máscara de cuidado del cabello
hair salon protect hair oil
lansiyi aceite anti caida

Hair Salon Hair Oil

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ6439
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Boost the vitality of your hair with our Hair Salon Hair Oil 🌟🌿. This luxurious product is a tribute to natural treasures, infusing each strand with the opulence of exquisite and rare oils.

Australian Walnut Oil works wonderfully to deeply hydrate and protect your hair against environmental damage, acting as a fortifying shield 🛡️💧. Moroccan walnut oil, appreciated for its ability to improve elasticity and shine, helps reduce frizz and split ends, leaving hair manageable and softly silky 🌰✨.

Enriched with British Sea Kale Oil, this elixir provides a full spectrum of minerals and vitamins, revitalizing tired follicles and promoting a denser and rejuvenated appearance 🌊🌱. The acclaimed Moroccan Spiny Argania Oil, commonly known as argan oil, is the crown jewel in hair nutrition, strengthening each strand from the inside out, providing a luster comparable to molten gold 💫🔥.

Like a crucible that transforms metals into gold, this hair beauty elixir transmutes normal hair into exceptionally vigorous and dazzling locks. Each application is a luxurious experience that enhances the inherent health of hair, reflecting the radiance and strength of your inner being.

Beautify your hair care routine with the magic of these essential oils and let your hair bloom in all its magnificence 🌺🌟.

👉 100% brand new and high quality! This hair oil focuses on repairing damaged ends, instantly hydrating hair. Provides complete nutrition for hair roots and split ends, restoring vitality, making it shinier, stronger, silkier and smoother.

👉 Contains a mix of essential oils rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. These include British sea kale oil and other ingredients, which are rich in protein and a variety of powerful vitamins for hair.

👉 Favors nutrient absorption, completes hair feeding, makes the scalp purify and become healthier. Prevents the appearance of dandruff and dryness on the scalp.

👉 Repairs hair permanently, makes it more flexible and easy to comb. It offers intense nourishment and enhances shine, making it look healthier and visibly more beautiful.

👉 The texture of this serum is light and easily absorbed, allowing hair to stay fresh and not easy for dust to stick or hair to stick.

✅ Alopecia
Apply a few drops on the affected area, distribute with the flame of the fingers giving a light massage until lightly covering the desired area. Let it work for a minimum of 6 hours.

✅ Growth
Apply a few drops on the palm of your hand, rub both hands to distribute the product. Massage the scalp until the product is evenly distributed. Let it work for a minimum of 6 hours.

Application: Preferably (Night)
Usage: Frequent (daily) 🤔

Ingredients: Australian Walnut Oil, Moroccan Walnut Oil, British Sea Kale Oil, Moroccan Spiny Argania Oil. Package included: Mini Metal Melting Torch Gold Furnace.

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Delighted, the hair is very manageable, I recommend it.

iris ordonez

Hair growth and restoration essential oil

Valeria Ruiz

Hair growth and restoration essential oil

Maylen Del Toro Galvez

Hair growth and restoration essential oil

Yeisi Marrero

Hair growth and restoration essential oil

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