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100% natural ingredients: ginger, ginseng, poligonum multiflorum and grapeseed oil, which can effectively prevent hair loss, by feeding the hair root, stimulates the birth of new hairin solo 7 days. Repair damaged hair y effectively stops hair loss.

hair care oil

Promotes hair growth and care, nourishes hair follicles, inhibits greasy hair roots, prevents dryness and strengthens the scalp against external stimulants. With the unique function of hair conditioner, it can make your hair thick and shiny.

anti-fall ginger oil

Applicable hair signs: slow hair growth, urgent need for hair growth, inelastic, dull tangled hair, easy to break, rough and rough, not flexible

oils to stop hair loss

Easy to use: mix each 100 ml shampoo with 3 ml essence, pour the mixed shampoo into the palm and rub to foam, gently massaging the scalp with your fingers. The last rinse your hair. You will love that your hair has improved over time.

Oils to stop hair loss


For hair loss:

Wash the hair before using. When the hair is half dry, drop the essential oil in the area of ​​loss or where you want new hair to be born. It is not recommended to rinse.

7 days ginger hair nutrient solution

For hair growth

Try to drip the product all over the scalp then gently massage for 2-3 minutes with your fingertips. There is no need to wash your hair again. We recommend using it 2 to 3 times a day.

make hair grow fast

Ingredients: purified water, sodium hyaluronate, plant extract.

oils for hair loss and growth

Effectiveness: improve hair, scalp feeding, accelerate hair growth, prevent hair loss.

essential oils for fast hair growth

Cont. Net: 30ml

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Real ginger hair growth oil