supplements to strengthen your immune system
dietary supplements to take to strengthen the immune system
Vitamins that improve your immune system


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Protect what you love most, your health!

supplement to boost the immune system

The immune system is our body's natural defense against infections, it protects the body from pathogenic microbial agents, toxins, foreign particles, tumor cells and autoimmune processes. The health benefits of garlic have been known for a long time for its positive effects on the proper development of the human being, because it improves the immune system thus strengthening our resistance against infections, eliminates cholesterol, is highly effective for the hypertension and circulation problems. Parsley is a support in the mix due to its carminative, tonic and digestive properties. It acts as a filter due to the characteristic smell of garlic.

black garlic

 Xanar has selected ten herbs to prepare this 30-IG formula to help activate or awaken the immune system. Parsley and garlic were also added to this mixture of plants, to enhance the effect of the Formula and enjoy a strongly protected and balanced body.

Benefits of the Formula 

It improves the immune system

Activates the body's defenses.

Strengthens our resistance against infections.

Improves blood circulation.

Provides more oxygen to cells.

It is a cellular restorative.

Tips and Recommendations

supplement to boost the immune system

Remember that two of the main conditions that affect the immune system are stress and an improper diet, high in fat, and processed and refined foods. Eat a balanced diet and have a good supply of vitamins. Eat fruits, vegetables, liver, dairy products, whole grains, shellfish, and oysters. Get enough hours of sleep every night. Maintain good emotional control, a positive mental attitude is important to boost the immune system. Get some kind of exercise. Detoxify your body periodically and take your 30-IG treatment with Garlic deodorized of Xanar.

Remarks: Pregnant or lactating women should consume under medical prescription.

Directions: Take them as a supplement to a daily diet, take 3 capsules, one after each meal, with a full glass of water.    

supplement to boost the immune system


(Solda) Promotes oxygenation, (Basil) stimulates the immune system, (Cocolmeca) Purifying; (Chamomile) Stimulating the immune system, antibiotic and antiallergic. (Nettle) diuretic and tonic. (Salvia) antiallergic, tones the body, antibiotic and antitumor; (Sarsaparilla) Purifying the blood; (Avocado Leaves) Circulatory stimulant, purifying, (Salvadora) Tonic, analgesic, relaxing. Deodorized Garlic and Parsley Herbal Blend 30-IG