3-To 100 allergies

xanar SKU: LNQ0317
3-Al 100 alergias
3-Al 100 alergias
3-Al 100 alergias
3-Al 100 alergias

3-To 100 allergies

xanar SKU: LNQ0317
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Allergies are abnormal reactions of the body that are caused by the inability of it to tolerate certain substances that are normally harmless. The effects can manifest themselves in different ways, but the most common are at the respiratory and skin level. Among the substances that cause these reactions (called allergens) are: Dust, pollen from some flowers, lint, animal hair, some foods (shellfish, eggs and chocolate), as well as certain medications.

👉 Purifies the blood.

👉 It has analgesic power.

👉 Normalizes the immune system.

👉 Act as a tranquilizer.

👉 Purifies the body.

👉 Bronchodilator.

👉 Decongest the nostrils.

It is necessary to determine what is causing the allergy, for example, sneezing when shaking furniture or curtains can be a sign of allergy to dust, the appearance of welts on the neck or wrists when applying perfumes can identify that you are allergic to he. Widespread rash after eating may be due to a food allergy known as hives. You regularly clean carpets, curtains and furniture to remove dust and prevent the accumulation of hair and animal hair. Choose cleaning products carefully. Choose rubber gloves when using detergents, bleaches, stain removers, and other chemical products, and thoroughly rinse your hands and face after cleaning. People allergic to pollen should stay away from green areas during the time of year when these discomforts occur. Reduce the intake of dairy foods and refined carbohydrates such as sugar, since these stimulate the secretion of mucus, aggravating the symptoms. Uses Xanar's 3-AL treatment.
Observations: Pregnant or lactating women should consume it under medical prescription.

Holy Leaf (piper auritum), Horsetail (Equisetum), Nettle (Urtica diotica) Passionflower, Parsley, Aloe, Cayenne and Valerian.

In capsules: Take one to two capsules after each meal.

Xanar A healthy lifestyle

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