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natural supplements to treat hemorrhoids


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pills to reduce inflammation of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are enlarged and bulging blood vessels in and around the anus in the lower rectum. The most important causes in the appearance of hemorrhoids are usually constipation and bad habits when defecating. Heredity also influences this condition.

Xanar, through the 17-HM treatment with an effective formula of ten selected herbs and the 17-HM formula added with the triple action of Rusco (Ruscus aculeatus), with vasoconstrictor, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous effect; Citric Bioflavonoids, which protect capillaries; Lactobacilli (Lactobacillus sporogenes), effective in removing waste, and supplemented with Vitamin C and Zinc, provides relief and helps control hemorrhoid problems. 

hemorrhoid pain supplements

                                              BENEFITS OF THE FORMULA

  • Improves circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Calms the burning and pain.
  • Avoid bleeding.
  • It acts as a natural antibiotic.
  • Rich in fiber.
  • They facilitate evacuation.
  • Has vascular and benthic properties

                                              Tips and Recommendations

Avoid highly seasoned foods and alcohol consumption. Corrects constipation. Quickly treat diarrhea. Try not to strain when you have a bowel movement. Use soft toilet paper or anal cleansing with lukewarm baths. Apply ice or cold compresses the acute phase of the disorder. Then apply warm compresses, prepared with the 17-HM infusion, on the affected area two or three times a day. Take your treatment 17-HM y 17-HM Rusco.

OBSERVATIONS: Pregnant or lactating women, should consume it under medical prescription.

natural supplement for hemorrhoids

Ingredients: 17-HM INFUSION: Sangre de Drago (Jatropha dioica), Arnica (Heterotheca inuloides), Espinosilla (Loeselia mexicana), Maguey Root (Agave melliflua), Salvadora (Solanum verbascifolium), Zábila (Aloedensis), Mullein (Verbascum barba thapsus (), Manzanilla Matricaria chamomilla), Penguin (Arctostaphylos pungens) and Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus). 17-HM RUSCO CAPSULES: Extract of Rusco (Ruscus aculeatus), Extract of Citric Bioflavonoids, Lactobacilli (Lactobacillus sporogenes), Herbal Mix Formula 17-HM, Vitamin C and Zinc.

 How to use: IN CAPSULES: Take three capsules a day.

capsules to reduce inflammation of hemorrhoids