Supplements to improve digestion and intestinal transit
Supplements for the digestive system
natural supplements to combat digestive problems
natural supplement to improve digestion


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natural supplement to improve digestion

Indigestion can be a disease in itself or the symptom of a stomach or intestinal disease. The main symptoms that occur in digestive disorders are: Difficulty digesting certain foods, heartburn, pain, heartburn, slow digestion and flatulence.

Modern life and current diet have increased digestive problems in a large part of the population; Xanar puts in your hands this exclusive formula of twelve selected herbs to help you have a better digestion.

supplement to speed up metabolism and digestion


  • Promotes and improves digestion.
  • It is a natural antispasmodic.
  • Avoid colic.
  • Tones up the digestive system.
  • Reduce stress naturally.
natural supplement to improve the digestive system

Tips and Recommendations

The basis for improving digestion is diet: Eat foods rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables. Consume food at fixed times. Chew your food well and eat slowly. Don't eat when you're worried or too tired. Avoid drinking liquids with meals. Avoid foods that are difficult for your body to digest. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. Exercise, play sports. Take your treatment 13-DT.

OBSERVATIONS: Pregnant or lactating women, should consume it under medical prescription.

natural anti-poor digestion supplement

Ingredients: Axocopaque (Gaultheria procumbens), Boldo (Peumus boldus), Spearmint (Mentha spicata), Holy Leaf (Piper auritum), Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), Mint (Mentha piperita), Yerbanis (Tagetes lucida), Citron lemon sapo (Cymbogon) , Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), Oregano (Origanum vulgare), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) and Aloe (Aloe barbadensis).

How to use: IN CAPSULES: Take one to two capsules after each meal.