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If you have a cell phone, tablet or PC, with an internet connection. It's everything you need to earn sales commissions from anywhere; or better from the comfort of your home. Join our affiliate program and be part of La Niquereña. Become our partner!

How to join the program

Very easy! Through an affiliate link; Our partner will create your affiliate account.

The account created provides the affiliate with all the necessary information related to the commissions earned from their sales efforts. As well as your affiliate link, which you will use to generate your sales through social networks, web pages, blog etc. No computer knowledge is required to generate these sales. Only create a publication if it is the case of social networks and accompany it with a call to action and copy and paste your affiliate link.


The advantages offered by this program are that the partner or affiliate does not need any investment.

The affiliate will not have to respond to the client or to the store for any aspect related to the sending or re-delivery of orders, as well as the execution of a refund or other issues of the Store. 

The affiliate will receive his commission for the purchase of a customer, even if a refund or cancellation of the order is executed; in the referred purchase.

If a customer referred by the affiliate enters the page and does not make their purchase on their first visit. And in the next 15 days, this referral returns to the page again but not through its affiliate link and makes your purchase. The Niquereña will pay this commission to the affiliate who referred this client.  

You will receive advice when you require it through the staff of La Niquereña.

Sales Commissions

1 level

New Affiliates will earn 10% of the purchase value of the referred customer.

Example: If a customer makes a $100 purchase through your affiliate link or that customer was already referred by the affiliate 30 days before they made this purchase, the affiliate will earn a $10 commission on the purchase made by this customer.

2 level

Affiliates that reach their 100th sale will get 10% of the purchase value of the referred customer and an additional bonus of $ 30.

Affiliates that reach their 200th sale will automatically go to level 2, these affiliates will receive 10% of the purchase value of the referred customer, and an additional bonus of $ 60.

3 level

Level 3 Affiliates Affiliates will move to this group upon reaching their 300th sale.

These affiliates will receive 10% of the value of the referred customer's purchase plus an additional $100 bonus.


All affiliates who reach level number 3 will receive an additional $ 100 bonus plus 10% of the purchase value of the referred customer, upon reaching their 100th sale.

Affiliates must have a PayPal account to receive their payments.

If you don't have a PayPal account, you can create one here

Payments to the affiliate will be made when this reaches the minimum amount of $ 100 profit.

You can also redeem your winnings; If you wish, for products from the store, at wholesale prices.

Contact us!

Responsible for the affiliate program: Mr. Luis Matamoros.   

Contact number: 832-994-8805