The snail slime

Sometimes we can express that wrinkles are a symbol of old age and although our mothers and grandmothers believe so. These may reflect a detailed map of our customs and experiences, bringing to light the way of life we ​​lead. This adds what was said by dermatology specialists in recent years when referring: that the appearance of the face is linked to the danger signals that the body sends us. So much so? Let's find out together. 

Do you have deep horizontal lines on the forehead?

These are the lines of concern, when you have many it is because you live very stressed. It is also closely linked to the stomach, so they are also signs that you should improve your diet and bet on something healthier. Fruits and vegetables etc.

Do you have wrinkles near the right eyebrow?

 This is a sign of weakness of the liver, it could be caused by excess coffee, alcohol and the consumption of spicy foods as well as excess salt.

Do you have wrinkles near the left eyebrow?

These can indicate a malfunction of the spleen, this could be associated with the pancreas. Reduce the consumption of sugar and replace them with nuts.

Do you have wrinkles in your nose?

Eta may be influenced by the consequence of allergies, but they are also linked to libido and may be an indication that your sexual appetite has fallen. It's time to eat aphrodisiac products.

Do you have wrinkles at the end of your eyes?

These are the famous crow's feet, sometimes they are caused by the manifestation of excessive laughter although they can also indicate an effort in your stomach, kidneys and liver. It would be recommended to be prudent and take care of yourself.

Do you have eye bags?

Most of us know that these can be created by a few hours of sleep, although it is almost certain that they point to a weakness in the kidneys. It would be advisable to start drinking more pure water, eat more fruits and vegetables and you will notice the results.

Do you have dark spots on the cheek?

These can indicate poor nutrition in addition to the first sign that we are poorly fed and that our lungs are not working well. It is advisable to practice exercises as well as jogging in the mornings, this will help you release toxins and help reduce these spots. Take a short jog in the morning and release those built-up toxins.

Do you have wrinkles on the tip of the nose or redness?

If it is acne, you can try some of the products recommended for the treatment of this condition or you can go to a dermatologist, although this redness may be linked to our circulatory system. It would be good to avoid spicy foods, alcohol and coffee in excess.

Do you have lines near the mouth?

On the left side is a sign of prevention for our old age. Do a little more exercise, eat foods rich in fiber and consume vitamin "D" will be our allies against the passing of the years.

Do you have wrinkles of laughter?

Laughing is the best medicine for the body but eye are also an indication of problems with the pancreas- Add cherries, grapes, garlic and spinach to your diet.

The snail slime

Knowledge of the properties of cosmetics that contain a natural base, has revolutionized the production of these products, although most often they are of origin vegetable. However, there is a range of Cosmetics that has an origin animal that far exceed those mentioned above. Among these can be mentioned those based on properties of snail drool.

The secretion of snail in a state of stress that is when you need to defend yourself contains a series of properties whose actions are repairers and exfoliants. We can also highlight other significant substances such as allantoin, elicin, glycolic acid, proteins and vitamins. These will be cited below:      

 1The largest compound of the snail slime It is called elicin, which has the main indication of skin care. This substance has those cosmetic indications referred to rejuvenation y reparación. Your action is referred to Wrinkles and stretch marks, scars of acne and in normalization of spots of leather.

 2.  Allantoin: It can act as a stimulant of epithelialization of the leather, by stimulation of the cell proliferation. Help eliminate layers dead surface of the skin, replacing them with fabrics new. It also acts as anti-irritant agent, helping to maintain the good state of the skin.

 3. Proteins y Vitamins: The snail get a series of products through their plant food. Proteins and Vitamins (The latter thanks to its anti-inflammatory action), help nourish e hydrate properly the leather

4. Glycolic Acid: Currently, the hydroxy acids they constitute one of the revolutions of the cosmetology. Applied to the skin, and depending on their concentration, they can produce from a small peeling even a severe pilling. Glycolic acid  It is widely used and is present in the snail, producing a very smooth elimination of layers surface of the dead cells.

In our store we offer products They can significantly improve these skin sequelae.

But we must emphasize that although this product enjoys a high percentage of effectiveness, it is clearly for the treatment of the skin. For this reason we advise you to read the first part of this blog and analyze some of the points that we offer you.  

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