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Expression lines on the face

With age, collagen begins to lose, this protein is essential for the regeneration and elasticity of tissues. Also as a consequence of the slowness in the different metabolic processes due to the decrease in hormonal production go hand in hand with the loss of this vitamin in the human body. Therefore, it should be noted that at this stage of life, wrinkles and pronounced expression lines appear more pronounced.
To help combat the above, there are anti-wrinkle creams that favor skin care. Although it is advisable to use creams that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and preferably from organic ingredients. In the cosmetics market we can find a number of collagen facial creams that are very effective in reducing the formation of wrinkles on the face. These creams are having an upward trend in their use. In this case by men although women remain the protagonists in terms of beauty. Although the issue of maintaining a younger look has become widespread. The above can be clearly seen in the current trend in relation to the use of cosmetics. The launching of innumerable types of products on the market to treat natural conditions or skin diseases.

treatment with collagen creams

To achieve true changes in our skin it is necessary to apply consistently and disciplined different products. Although there are criteria of people who think that anti-aging creams with collagen do not help or favor anything. What we have been able to confirm through criteria of people provide hydration to the skin and reinforce the tissues.
On the other hand, anti-aging creams that contain collagen, if they show incredible results by helping to reduce the marks produced by facial gestures.
How do collagen creams on the skin work?

creams to remove wrinkles from the face

When we apply the cream with collagen on the skin, it will act as a layer on the fibers on the dermis, it will stimulate the production of new cells, which will help to recover the skin creating more volume and elasticity in it. To obtain good results we must accompany the creams with collagens with an intense and correct daily skin care.
Some tips for better results when applying collagen creams.

exfoliate the face

1-Exfoliate the skinAt least once a week. This will allow the removal of the dead cell layer as well as the impurities lodged in the pores. For this they can use a specific gel or a mask, this will keep the face radiant and regenerated.

face masks

2-Always remove your face with a cleanser specialized or a facial tonic. It is very important that when you remove your face, if it is full of impurities, your face will not look radiant, on the contrary, it will look dull or with a dull teas. The correct way to apply the facial tonic or cleansing cream, is with the help of a small piece of cotton, or with wet wipes, in this way the product will penetrate the skin more easily and we can remove the excess of product that has left.

Skin care

3- Use a moisturizer appropriate for our skin type daily. It is recommended that this be with sun protection, even if we are in winter season. This will protect our face from direct sunlight and prevent the appearance and development of possible wrinkles or marks due to the sun.
4-Use of nourishing creams, these creams provide nutrients that the skin needs. For the use of these creams, it is recommended to use them at night. Apply them on the face before going to sleep, so that the skin absorbs all nutrients, while resting and revitalizes.

remove expression lines

Finally, but one of the most fundamental steps to follow to look healthy and wrinkle-free skin is to maintain a Healthy diet, rich in vitamins and minerals.
Specialists in the subject and dermatologists say that drinking a lot of water on a regular basis helps a lot to prevent premature aging of the skin and wrinkles, since being hydrated inside will also be reflected outside, on the skin.

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