How to take care of Hair: the definitive tricks of 2020

How to improve hair care?

We all would like to have perfect hair, but in most cases there is always something that fails us; the hair is frizzy, the ends open very easily, the hair dries quickly, the hair gets dirty quickly, we have damaged hair, we lack volume and shine ... By popular criteria among my clients, The tricks that you will find below are the best to take care of your hair, so you can solve the problem that brings you head (and never better said). Welcome!

1. Choose a good shampoo

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2 Take your time

Do not be in a hurry, when applying the hair mask (NUTRITIVE MAGIC TREATMENT OF KERATINA), leave it for a minimum of 15 minutes and if you can, wrap the head with a hot wet towel to multiply its effect.

3. Don't rub

We still have the feeling that the more we rub our hair, the cleaner it will be and the longer it will last. Big mistake! It is precisely the opposite, if we wash the hair with a gentle massage we will avoid activating the sebaceous glands and your hair will last longer clean and without sebum.

4. Give hair volume without making it dirty

We all know that to get volume we need to apply a lot of product, that makes it very dirty. Take a cotton towel, and once you have finished drying, stick it to the scalp and give 360º turns. Two on the right and two on the left. This is how you get a light and very effective crepe. Now all you have to do is place some hair silk or some moisturizing oil on your hair and that's it.

5. Always untangle with your hands

6. The always ionic dryer

8. How to prevent hair from splitting

10. Gray hair

11. Defend your hair from the heat

It is never too late to change your habits, apply these tips in your beauty routine and you will enjoy healthy and beautiful hair.

How to take care of Hair: the definitive tricks of 2020



  • Eli

    I want to have beautiful hair

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    I give new in this store and if the products meet my expectations it will be my store for my beauty and skin care products

  • Cristina Maingot

    Ami my hair faded too much I bought the shampoo for kaida I could wear something else for kaida

  • odalys suarez

    My hair is very dry and damaged and I have bought many treatments and nothing has been resolved. I use sulfate-free shampoo.

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