Dark spots on the skin

stains on the skin

These are the most common, being caused by excessive sun exposure over time. This happens because the sun's rays stimulate the production of melanin, which is the pigment that gives skin its color. However, hormonal alterations, the use of medications and other factors that act on melanocytes give rise to various spots on the face and body. 

Learn how to identify and how to remove some of the most common types of spots that can appear on the skin: 

The Melasma:

This is a dark spot that appears on the face, near the cheeks and on the forehead, being very common in pregnancy or menopause due to hormonal changes. These alterations irritate the melanocytes that leave the darkest areas in certain areas of the face. These generally appear or worsen when the person is exposed to the sun for a long time.

how to remove dark spots on the face

How to remove: Apply sunscreen daily or factor creams maximum protection and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as sources of heat, such as entering hot cars parked in the sun or using the oven. In addition to this you can place a cream or ointment to lighten skinHowever, hydroquinone may be indicated, however, it should not be used for more than 4 weeks. Other options for the treatment of these spots can the cream with acids Kojico or products like soaps that contain it, or creams that work on melanin levels such as anti-stain cream KOOGIS

Stains caused by the sun:

Sun spots

These occur more frequently in people with fair or brown skin, who stay in the sun for a long time without using sunscreen. The most affected parts of the body are the hands, arms, face and neck, and although their appearance is more common after 40 years of age, they can also arise in younger people.

sun spots and age spots how to remove them

How to remove: The clearest and shallowest can be removed with exfoliation 2 in 2 weeks. When there is a greater number of stains it is recommended to use products that help decrease melanin levels or the use of pearl-based creams such as creams of Shell Nacar.

Diabetes spots:

La acanthosis nigricans It is the scientific name for the dark spots that appear around the neck, from the skin folds, armpits and under the breasts. These spots appear in people who have insulin resistance or diabetes.

how to remove dark areas in the neck armpits and between legs

How to remove: In this case it is advisable to combine the use of body scrubs with lightening or whitening creams not forgetting the use of moisturizers to minimize the effect of the scrub. In addition, it is super important to address the problem of diabetes to minimize its occurrence and maintain our health.

Spots on the face due to acne:

how to remove acne spots

Pimple scar is a very common cause of skin blemishes in young teenagers, arising mainly after treatment of severe acne, for example.

How to remove: A good treatment to unify skin tone is to use creams Rosa Mosqueta 2 to 3 times a day on the scar, avoiding exposure to the sun. But in addition to this, it is also important to keep the oiliness of the skin controlled with treatments anti-acne y facial cleansing masks. When the person no longer has any blackheads or blackheads, treatments to lighten the skin may be indicated, such as the use of whitening creams combined with facial scrubs.  



  • Ana Rivera

    I have dark spots, they started small and have grown. I think it's melasma. They appeared in my 3rd pregnancy.

  • Ana Rivera

    I have dark spots, they started small and have grown. I think it's melasma. They appeared in my 3rd pregnancy.

  • miriam campuzano

    I have spots on my face and the heat affects me a lot, what cream will I use for my face? I was looking and there are several for stains but I don't know which one to treat.

  • Claudia Chavez

    I have spots on my cheeks and forehead that you recommend


    how can i get the claria luna cream here in des moines iowa usa

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