The Skin, Image and Social Vision

The Image Social Vision

Everyone judges by the image and we have also developed the ability to do so in a few seconds without, in many cases, bothering to know the person, we already get an instant x-ray of it, just by how it is dressed, combed or the appearance careful to present. And therefore, we get a first personal opinion that invites us to approach or not, to that person:
In addition, the personal image with which women and men today are presented in society has a lot of influence on what they think or the personal and professional projection that the individual has, even influencing the success or projection of work.
Our skin is one of the first things that the people of us. Some people face this situation better than others, but the life of many of them is affected by skin disorders that can be caused by a number of environmental effects, inappropriate behaviors, additions, the passage of time itself , and some pathologies.

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