Is it possible to grow our hair quickly ... ????


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The use of long hair is no longer only in women, it is also becoming generalized for the use of men since many of them consider that long hair favors them more. Although the question itself is: Make hair grow longer and faster, is it possible? Here are some tips that you can use to answer this question.

It is important to cut the split ends of the hair at least once every 60 days. This will help your hair grow faster and much healthier.

for battered hair

When you do the hair wash.., hair wash 

It is important to massage your scalp. You can do this by gently rubbing the capillary surface while applying the shampoo. You can also do this before washing your hair or bathing using some type of oil it is advisable to use potato oil Due to its properties to strengthen hair follicles, it also offers vitality to your hair. It is also important to mention the use of egg whites to increase growth; You can apply this in the form of masks.  

moisturizes and strengthens hair

La hydration hair is very important. Therefore it is advisable to drink enough water to keep the body hydrated, in addition to the hair.

hydrated hair

 Very important after washing the hair, brush for a few minutes always making the same movement, from the scalp to the ends so that the hair is stretched. This brushing is important to be done twice a day to see the results faster.

hair brushing 

The hair dryer or iron is very harmful if used in excess. If they use it very often, the heat they emit tends to create dryness and also split the hair creating new split ends. It is advisable to limit the use of this tool or use hair protectors that simplify the harmful effects they produce.

battered hair by using irons and dryers

At bedtime it is important to tie the hair or apply a braid. The truth is that braids can protect the hair since it is structurally strengthened by immobilizing each hair inside the braid. This protection would prevent the hair from breaking and falling out of friction. Although it is not recommended to use them for long periods

sleeping braids

To grow hair there are varied methods and countless products. What is important is that we avoid products that contain excess chemicals and opt for products with natural ingredients. In case they follow a specific method, it is advisable to give it enough time to act and not mix remedies or products at the same time. You have to be patient. In our Oneline store we offer products for the Hair growth With a high percentage of effectiveness they are also made from natural ingredients. We invite you to prove its effectiveness.    


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