How do sera work with gold particles for skin care?

Can you imagine your life without the help of gold?

24K gold for skin care

Millions of people in the world either. Although for a long time it was implemented as a material of power and luxury to highlight the beauty of people through its use in jewelry, decoration, medical, dermatological and dental treatments, it has been changing its use through several investigations that demonstrate its great benefits at the service of the technology we use daily.

cleopatra facial care with gold

From rumored Cleopatra, she used gold to improve her skin and look younger and radiant. Gold is an element that has gained more popularity not only in its common use in fashion or accessories, but now also in skin care.

24K gold face mask

Gold stimulates the skin, makes it more elastic and its ions allow to stimulate cells, nerves and in general improve circulation. So it looks more radiant and especially with healthy skin.

With the products that are available in the market, now having a beauty routine that includes creams, masks or other topics that use gold is more common and Bioaqua, adds to this trend with one of its sera 24k GOLD SKIN CARE

24K Bioaqua facial care serum

 “The use of gold has proven to have benefits in the state of the skin in terms of wrinkle reduction, it makes the skin look younger and radiant. It has also been discovered that gold can also be used for developments in technology and for the reading of the state of the skin.

Biaqua 24K anti wrinkle treatment

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