Argan oil for skin and hair

 Argan tree

What is argan oil?

Argan oil for skin, hair and body comes from the extract of argan tree seeds, native to the southwest region of Morocco, where trade in this species is an important activity. This is extracted after a drying process of the fruits of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa) After being exposed to the sun. Once dried, the almond seed is extracted manually and cold pressed. This constitutes a mechanical process absent from chemicals. “Because the extraction is cold, without roasting the seeds, this oil is light golden and its smell is hardly noticeable.

pure argan oil

Benefits of Argan Oil for the skin.

Argan oil contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants, which provide numerous benefits for the skin. Among these we can mention those related to premature aging, such as the appearance of pronounced expression lines, flaccid, dehydrated and opaque skin. This has a series of super important qualities, which we cite below; that favor the care and conservation of the skin.

benefits of argan oil for skin

Young and radiant face: The use of argan oil for the skin of the face is a great help to prevent premature aging, reduce dead cells and protect against damage caused by the sun. It contains vitamin E which is essential to maintain the elasticity of the skin and collagen. In addition, it has phytosterols that help treat acne and reduce scars.

pure argan oil for skin care

Antioxidants: Provides countless benefits to the skin such as, for example, the decrease in signs of aging and hydration. It is recommended instead of using moisturizers with chemical compounds. The use of argan oil for the skin as it acts as an excellent moisturizer, for the whole body; It keeps moisture. To obtain the best results of its use it is recommended to apply after showering.

argan oil to rejuvenate the skin of the face

If you suffer from extreme dryness in hands, cracked heels, damaged cuticles and in the skin in general, argan oil could be the best solution. This product deeply moisturizes, helps maintain moisture in the hands and softens the skin.

Benefits of Argan oil for hair.

 benefits of pure argan hair oil

For the care of hair this oil is super recognized for being rich in Vitamin E, added to the essential fatty acids they have proven to be very effective in taking care of the hair and keeping it healthy.  

For shiny and hydrated hair: To moisturize the hair, reduce dryness and achieve a sensational shine, you just have to rub a little Argan oil on the hair and scalp. Leave on for 1 hour and rinse normally. It is advisable to use products in shampoo format, which contain a high concentration of Argan oil to amplify the effect of hydration when cleaning, oil residue, dirt and sebum of our scalp.  

argan oil to moisturize hair

Curly and Afro hair: These hair types too, can benefit from Argan oil. Since these tend to lack moisture and the hair is often very difficult to style and tends to bother with frizz or frizz. To achieve a good hairstyle and be free of frizz, apply a little argan oil all over the hair, do it with a frequency of 3 three times a week on the days that coincide with your hair grooming. Remember to use natural shampoo and conditioners that contain Argan oil as the main ingredients.  

How frizz eliminates pure argan oil

Split ends: Split ends in damaged hair are visibly evident and we don't always want to cut them to fix it. To close or restore them, you only have to put a minimum amount of argan oil, every day on all the ends of your hair.

how to restore split ends with argan oil

Scalp: Dry scalp tends to suffer from dandruff, itching and irritation. To treat it you should apply a little argan oil, with gentle massages, before bedtime, and wash the next day.

repair hair with pure argan oil

In our store you will find a variety of natural products which have Argan oil as their main ingredient. These are designed for skin and hair care. And its elaboration is backed by high quality indices, during its formulation and manufacturing. We guarantee the benefits of these activities as your contributions to beauty and personal care. For research carried out by experts of the naturalistic subject, in Asia and Europe.  


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