Combo hair loss, stains and growth

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Combo hair loss, stains and growth

The Niquereña SKU: LNQ3910
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Pinalim tea:

Pineapple contains bromelain, an association of digestive enzymes that also has anti-inflammatory properties. Piñalim tea is offered as the right combination to help people lose body weight. The ingredients with which it is made have antioxidant qualities.

In addition, they stimulate the metabolism and improve the digestive process. However, there are no clinical studies done with the product that demonstrate its effectiveness for weight loss. The amounts used for each ingredient are not included in the presentation.

Tea sucks belly:

The tummy sucking tea is a new naturopathic product that is gaining popularity and this is because it is a tea with an incredible benefit, losing weight, many have the idea that products like these do not work, but it is because it is ignored how it is that they work, like the acceleration of the metabolism, the increase of the corporal temperature, the improvement of the digestive and intestinal systems that are important functions to achieve it.

Mighty Soap:

Powerful soap is an artisan product formulated based on natural ingredients, with whitening and regenerating properties. This product is helpful in solving any facial problem such as freckles, blackheads, pimples, sun spots and cloth. It also offers powerful, regenerating and whitening effects.

Rapunzel Shampoo:

Rapunzel Shampoo not only stops hair loss, but also rejuvenates damaged roots to encourage the natural hair growth process. With a wide variety of herbal ingredients such as rosemary and aloe vera, it provides your hair with many nutrients that prevent and repair damage caused by harsh chemicals. This product can also stop hair loss and stimulate growth of up to 5 centimeters per month.

It has recently been discovered in relation to this product, that it offers interesting results if you are looking to prevent the appearance of dandruff, repair split ends and damaged hair, as well as strengthen the hair follicle. 

As you will see, belly sucking tea has several properties and benefits to offer us, so we will tell you what benefits it has and why it is an excellent option, its consumption.

1. Auxiliary in weight loss.

2. Downsize.

3. Accelerates metabolism, thanks to the fact that they increase body heat during digestion.

4. Constipation problems.

5. Improves poor digestion.

6. Auxiliary in cases of lazy intestine.

7. Deep cleanses the colon.

8. Reduces the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

9. Decreases swelling in the body.

10. Avoid fluid retention.

11. Deflates bulging belly.

12. Detoxify your body.

13. Fight free radicals that are responsible for aging your body.

14. Avoid an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides.
Chupa Panza Ginger Capsules.

1. Helps burn fat.

2. Remove excess fat.

3. Regulates the digestive system.

4. Reduce sizes and waist.

5. Reduces postpartum stretch marks.

6. 100% natural formula.

7. Does not produce rebound.

To increase the effect of these capsules, it is important to follow a low-fat, low-sugar diet as well as engage in regular physical activity.

A bottle of Chupa Panza Cápsulas Amarillas comes with 30 capsules. In the box you will find nutritional information in English and Spanish.

* Turmeric.

* Cayenne pepper.

* Ginger.

* Moringa.

* Green Tea.

* Artichoke.

* Prune.

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