Botox Hair Regenerator

Bótox capilar
Botox capilar
Botox capilar en casa
Regenerador Capilar Botox
Botox capilar
tratamiento botox capilar
Tratamiento bótox capilar

Botox Hair Regenerator

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Silmar's secret formula hair regenerator is the latest innovation in hair recovery. It acts as a replenisher of the hair mass, repairing the damage caused by chemical processes. This treatment emerges as the main solution for porous hair and easily frizzy. It is compatible with all types of chemicals, since its application can be done both before and after other chemical treatments.

It consists of a powerful concentrate of natural active ingredients that restores hydration to the fiber, increasing resistance to breakage and facilitating the restructuring of keratin structures. Its low molecular weight particles penetrate the hair creating a hydrophobic film -water repellent- thus avoiding frizz. It has a high capacity for reducing frizz in wavy and curly hair, even eliminating it completely in some cases.

This product is suitable for use on all hair types!

One of Silmar's recommendations is to alternate its application with keratin treatments.

Additional Information: 

Made in Mexico for Silmar Secret Formula. 

Net Content: 260 ml. 

1. The first thing is to wash the hair with shampoo.

2. Next, the hair is dried a little to remove excess moisture and, while it is still wet, the product begins to be applied with a massage from root to tip.

3. Leave to act for up to 90 minutes, before proceeding to rinse with cold water to close the pore of the follicle.

4. After drying, the treatment is sealed with the iron because the heat facilitates a better penetration of the product into the hair fiber.

Hyaluronic acid, keratin, essential oils for hair care among others.

Customer Reviews

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Leyda Avila

Botox Hair Regenerator

Juana Delgado

Hair regenerated!

Leslie Diaz

Very good product I recommend it Al 💯

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