Tejocote Root

ELV Alipotec SKU: LNQ34066
raiz de tejocote ELV
beneficios de la raiz de tejocote
raiz de tejocote elv elimina las lonjas y baja la panza
elimina grasa rápidamente con la raíz de tejocote
como bajar de peso rapidamente y de forma natural
Suplemento para la pérdida de peso raiz de tejocote
elimina la grasa de tu cuerpo rapidamente con la raiz de tejocote
Tejocote Root Supplement Pieces
beneficios de la Raiz de tejocote de ELV

Tejocote Root

ELV Alipotec SKU: LNQ34066
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Its main function is to help reduce overweight and obesity. Dare to remove body fat. It also acts as an adipose tissue dilator (FATS), softening them and subsequently releasing them from the muscle tissue. Dare from body waste and the transformation of this fat into energy. This process manifests itself in an accelerated way through the intake of this product, accelerating the metabolic function of the organism.

Net Cont. 7.g

It is a 100% natural product, which during its cultivation does not use any kind of fertilizer or chemicals to catalyze its production. It is made up of microdoses that are packed under the highest standards of hygiene and waterproofing of the container and the product itself.

👉 90 microdoses of 100% natural root, free of chemicals and without fertilizers.

👉 Patented bottle, only authorized dealers should have this bottle.

👉 Supplement for 3 months.

How to use:😲
Consume 1 piece of root after your largest dish during the day.

Important: 😲 Drink two liters of water daily.

👉 Eat a banana a day or include the intake of foods with high potassium content (it is not an obligation, but it is highly recommended to balance the eventual loss of this element.

👉 It is recommended to take La Moringa as it contains high levels of potassium. Which are necessary to replace the loss of this and avoid some symptoms that may occur during treatment; with tejocote root.

Do not take in the following cases:👇👇

✅ People under 12 years of age.

✅ People in a state of convalescence or dependents.

✅ Like all treatment (even natural ones) suspend immediately if any allergy or intolerance to the product occurs.

✅ DO NOT consume during Pregnancy and Lactation

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Maria Sanchez
It is very good only if you have to drink water

I did like it but if it is necessary to drink the two liters of water.

Ruth Perez

Excellent personally, it helps me a lot, I have a lot of constipation problems and the Root has been fabulous for me, it has helped me lose weight, in the company of alkaline water and moringa capsules, I definitely recommend them!!!!

Alexandra in love

It helps me a lot with liquid retention, I have been taking it for a year, I have not lost weight, but I have not gained weight either.

hawthorn root

I am happy with the results after taking tejocote root I recommend it 100 percent it is worth buying it

Anna Solano

hawthorn root

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raiz de tejocote ELV
beneficios de la raiz de tejocote
Tejocote Root
ELV Alipotec
$ 60.00
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