Snail slime whitening soap

Snail SKU: LNQ845
jabon de baba de caracol con colágeno
jabón con colágeno de baba de caracol
jabon anti manchas de baba de caracol con colágeno
jabon blanqueador de baba de caracol con colágeno
jabón con colágeno de baba de caracol

Snail slime whitening soap

Snail SKU: LNQ845
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Snail slime whitening soap is a product rich in collagen. Its active ingredients can quickly and effectively clean the skin, as well as the nutrients can deeply replenish and whiten the skin.

The product can solve various skin problems, such as acne marks, blemishes and wrinkles, it can make the skin regenerate and moisturize, improving skin tone and color.

👉 Material: natural ingredients.

👉 Color: white Size: 90*60*30mm.

👉 Packing list: 1x facial cleansing soap.

👉 Product type: Bath and facial soap.

This snail slime soap for the skin is used in the same way that you use ordinary bath soap, the most recommended is to use it twice a day or more, apply the snail slime soap on wet skin, massage a little and remove with plenty of water.

If you use this soap continuously you will notice changes in your skin from the first month or earlier.

✅ Favors the reduction of damage to blood vessels.

✅ Helps repair damaged tissues.
Fights acne and dandruff if used on hair.

✅ Favors the improvement of wounds and skin burns.

✅ Regenerates and rejuvenates the skin.

✅ Remove stains, scars, stretch marks and cellulite.

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