donkey milk soap

Shelo Nabel SKU: 15563381
jabón de leche de burra de shelo nabel
jabón hidratante de leche de burra de shelo nabel
jabón anti manchas de leche de burra de shelo nabel

donkey milk soap

Shelo Nabel SKU: 15563381
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What is Shelo Nabel donkey milk soap for?

Its use focuses on the treatment of dry and sensitive skin, which shows little vitality. It has nutritional properties, rich in vitamins and minerals; such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and magnesium. This makes it an ideal product for sensitive or allergic skin as it strengthens and repairs the dermal tissue.

It is perfect for treating thin or aged skin as it progressively reduces the effects of early aging. Its effect in stimulating skin regeneration is fueled by the high levels of retinol and vitamin A contained in donkey milk.

Benefits and properties of donkey milk soap

✅ It is moisturizing and nourishing.

✅ It has antioxidant benefits.

✅ Helps you prevent and reduce skin wrinkles

✅ It stimulates cells with its regenerative and antioxidant effect.

✅ Helps to remove skin marks like acne.

✅ Remove marks and blemishes from the skin.

✅ Gently removes sebum from the skin.

Donkey milk is currently known for its benefits for the skin. The first thing that comes to mind is the donkey milk baths enjoyed by Cleopatra. Its use already comes, then, from very old. Egypt, Greece, Rome... in all the great cultures its virtues were always highly appreciated. Natural substances in donkey milk have been shown to improve immunity, which may be helpful for people with conditions such as asthma, eczema, or psoriasis. In this product we offer it to you, without the need to buy large quantities of it to make a bath. With a great concentration of its properties in a Soap.

👉 Moisturizes and softens the skin giving it elasticity and vitality with a younger and clearer appearance.

👉 It's ideal to lighten armpits neck and I entered dark.

👉 Clarifies the skin of the face helps remove cloth and age stains.

👉 Moisturizes the skin and favors the elimination of wrinkles

👉 Helps relieve the effects of rosacea.

✅ Handmade Bar Soap.

✅ Application: Facial and Body.

✅ Usage: Daily AM/PM.

✅ Age: all.

✅ Normal Skin - Dry - Sensitive.

✅ Presentation: Net. Contents 3.05 oz. (100 grams).

Main Natural Ingredients: Pure Donkey Milk, Vitamin A and Natural Glyceline.

Moisten your face and rub your hands with the donkey's milk soap bar until you get a uniform foam, then apply it to your face.

Massage with circular movements for a few seconds and then rinse with plenty of water.

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Aguilar

donkey milk soap

brenda padron
donkey milk

Excellent, leaves my skin soft and fresh 💯

Jacquelin Eleven

donkey milk soap

Yuri Velasquez

donkey milk soap


Recommended very good cleans dark spots on the skin very well

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