Green Tea Extract and Snail Slime Sunscreen

Disar SKU: LNQ5134
Protector Solar 90 Fps
Crema anti manchas con protector solar fps 90 para aclarar la piel
Desaar protector solar blanqueador crema solar FPS 90
bloqueador solar crema protectora de la piel
Bloqueador solar blanqueador facial y corporal
Crema de protección solar de cuerpo y Facial
Crema con bloqueador solar antiedad factor 90 fps
Crema de baba de caracol con protector solar fps 90
Bloqueador solar en crema para blanquear la piel fps 90
Crema 100% natural con protector solar
Protector Solar 90 Fps disaar
crema de baba de caracol con bloqueador solar

Green Tea Extract and Snail Slime Sunscreen

Disar SKU: LNQ5134
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Looking for the ultimate protection against harmful UV rays? Look no further than Disaar's Green Tea & Snail Extract Sunscreen.

This moisturizing SPF-90 sunscreen is not only a powerful defender against sun damage, but it also helps combat pesky pigmentation spots that often arise from sun exposure. But that's not all: this incredible sunscreen also contains the natural power of snail slime and other nourishing ingredients that help prevent premature aging and promote skin regeneration.

Thanks to its light and non-greasy formula, you can enjoy protection throughout the day without feeling heavy or sticky. Why settle for a regular sunscreen when you can enjoy the amazing benefits of Disaar's Green Tea & Snail Extract Sunscreen?

Protect your skin and keep it looking its best with this must-have.

Made in China for Disaar

This sunscreen has a mild formula. Comprehensive UVA/UVB protection and heavy-duty antioxidant ingredients protect you from UV rays and environmental damage.

The ideal combination of technological innovation and beauty knowledge leaves your skin glossy, even and radiant.

For sun exposure, it acts by preventing sunburn on the skin that increases the risk of other damage such as dark spots, rough spots, dry or wrinkled skin and skin cancer such as melanoma.

Warm natural sunscreen with natural plant essence and VC, can provide skin full of nutrients and can protect skin moisture, prevent sunburn, VE ingredients can enhance the role of sunscreen.

Snail slime: it is an excellent cell regenerator due to the nutritional properties of this secretion, when applied to the skin it helps prevent and reduce wrinkles, reduce stretch marks, helps reduce small scars such as acne and even spots caused by the sun.

Green tea extract is an excellent antioxidant, relieves the effects produced by free radicals, and the lack of water in the skin caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Improves and repairs the texture of the skin, eliminating the appearance of burned skin and relieving the symptoms of sunstroke.

Special formula to make the product smooth and refreshing texture is not greasy, after the use of light does not clog pores. Nourish bright face, while the products are waterproof, anti sweat effect, also not afraid of falling into water outdoors.

Protects from the effects of UVA and UVB rays: sunburn, dull skin, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, aging, dryness, flaking or peeling, and sunburn.

Before leaving, apply the product evenly in a position exposed to the sun such as the face, neck and arms.

After cleansing the skin, apply the appropriate amount and distribute evenly over the skin until completely absorbed.

It can also be used for protection purposes before makeup. When used in this way, the sunscreen will create a protective layer between the skin and the makeup, preventing the pores from clogging and causing acne or any other skin imperfections. (even on oily skin).

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Francisca Guzman

good products


I love

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Green Tea Extract and Snail Slime Sunscreen

maricela michua

Very good I recommend it

Elizabeth Bejarano

Green Tea Extract and Snail Slime Sunscreen

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