Bioaqua Rice Facial Scrub

bioaqua SKU: LNQ832114
gel exfoliante facial de arroz bioacua
Gel exfoliante de arroz
gel exfoliante facial Bioacua
gel exfoliante para el rostro de arroz bioacua
gel exfoliante facial para el rostro bioacua
gel exfoliante de arroz bioacua
exfoliante de arroz bioaqua
bioaqua exfoliante de arroz
exfoliante facial de arroz biaqua
exfoliante para el rostro de arroz bioaqua

Bioaqua Rice Facial Scrub

bioaqua SKU: LNQ832114
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Shine from the inside out with the ancient secret of Rice.

🌾 Have you noticed skin without that glow from before? Rice Facial Exfoliating Gel is the rescue your skin has been waiting for. It goes one step further than other exfoliants, penetrating deeply into the pores, eliminating all those impurities and cells that steal your luminosity. ✨

🌀 Enriched with polyethylene micro particles, this gel is not only responsible for purifying but also acts as a shield against free radicals, those silent villains that advance your skin's clock. 🕰️

🌞 Imagine renewed skin, full of vitality, radiating youth and freshness. Forget about that dull appearance and say hello to a face full of light and energy. Because every centimeter of your skin deserves to shine to the rhythm of your spirit. 🌼

👉 Allow your skin to enjoy the love and care it has always deserved. Take the step, experiment with the Rice Facial Exfoliating Gel and marvel at the results! ✨

Rice, recognized since ancient times in beauty rituals, is a gem for skin care.

Its high starch content acts as a natural astringent, making it an effective remedy against acne.

In addition, it is enriched with vitamin E, a vitamin that not only fades scars and blemishes, but also protects the skin against sun damage.

On the other hand, the vitamin B it contains is essential for retaining moisture in the skin, reviving dehydrated skin and returning its natural splendor.

Thus, rice is consolidated as an essential ingredient in beauty rituals, giving the skin a renewed and healthy appearance.

🌊 Deep Cleansing: Removes impurities and dead cells for renewed skin.

🌪️ Gentle Exfoliation: Reveals softer, more radiant skin.

💦 Deep Hydration: Intensely nourishes the skin, preventing dryness.

🍑 Silky Texture: Achieve skin that is soft to the touch, like a rose petal.

✨ Natural Glow: Gives a healthy glow, so you look fresh at all times.

🎯 Reduces Stains: Visibly reduces cloth stains with continuous use.

🛡️ Sebum Control: Ideal for oily skin, helping to maintain a perfect balance.

🌾 The Power of Rice: A natural ingredient that enhances the benefits for the skin.

🚫 Fight Acne: Thanks to the starch in rice, your skin will be cleaner and free of breakouts.

☀️ Sun Protection: Vitamin E in rice protects your skin from sun damage.

💥 Blurs Scars: Reduces the appearance of marks and scars.

💡 Eliminates Imperfections: Goodbye to those annoying pimples.

💧 Moisture Retention: The B vitamin in rice keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

🌱 Restoration: Special for dry and dehydrated skin, providing the moisture that

Rice extract: Gently removes dead skin, cleanses and brightens the skin.

Orange extract: Cleanses excess facial oil and moisturizes.

Aloe Extract: Rich in water, it moisturizes dry skin and softens it.

Glycerin: Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, softens and makes the skin tender.

1- Apply a moderate layer of gel to the face evenly after washing your face well.

2- Massage the skin for 1-2 minutes until the dead skin and dirt have fallen off.

3- Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.

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Product Eselete

I really like the products

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Rice facial scrub

Very good, never used anything like it

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