Body cream with collagen and snail slime

Snail SKU: LNQ2415
 Snail Extract Collagen Anti Ageing Repair
 Collagen Snail Sunscreen Body Whitening Skin Cream
Crema para blanquear la piel con cara de caracol de colágeno
crema regeneradora humectante de baba de caracol con colágeno
crema anti manchas de baba de caracol con colágeno
crema anti estrias de colágeno con baba de caracol
crema blanqueadora de baba de caracol
crema humectante de baba de caracol
crema anti edad de baba de caracol

Body cream with collagen and snail slime

Snail SKU: LNQ2415
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Snail slime is a component from snails rich in protein, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. This fluid secretion allows the life of the animal to be preserved, so we can transfer the repair and regeneration functions; to people's skin. We can enjoy these benefits through the snail slime body cream that we offer.

This cream is rich in various substances such as collagen, elastin, allantoin (it is a stimulant that helps eliminate necrotic tissue, replacing it with new tissue), vitamins and glycolic acid (which promotes skin exfoliation and the removal of dark spots). ). Which offer the following benefits.

🐌 . Helps eliminate and prevent wrinkles.

🐌 . Minimizes scars as well as acne marks.

🐌 . Improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin by stimulating cell renewal.

🐌 . Controls excessive sebum production on the skin.

✔️ Gender: Unisex.

✔️ Net weight: 500ml.

✔️ Certification: GZZZ.

✔️ Use: BODY.

✔️ Item Type: Cream.

✔️ Ingredient: Collagen and snail secretion.

✔️ Feature: Regenerating & Moisturizing.

✔️ Feature 1: Collagen.

✔️ Feature 2 : Snail.

✔️ Feature 3 : Body cream.

✔️ Feature 4 : Improve chicken skin.

✔️ Feature 5 : Deep hydration.

✔️ Feature 6 : Anti-dry.

✔️ Feature 7 : Body lotion.

Body use, apply to the skin and rub until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin.

Remarks: It is recommended to use after bathing, to take advantage of the opening of the pores and achieve a better effect.

Avoid direct incidence of sunlight during use.

Water, mineral oil, glycerin, collagen, vitamin v3 (niacinamide), animal snail slime and aroma.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Norma Vizcarra de Rodriguez

More or less I hope that soon I will have better results

Angelica Hernandez

Body cream with collagen and snail slime

Naomi Guerrero

Body cream with collagen and snail slime

Jacqueline Torres
I loved

I am using it and I really like how it leaves my skin soft and with a very rich smell

Mary Martial

Body cream with collagen and snail slime

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