Herbal oil for hair growth

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ9521
suero herbal para detener la caída del cabello
suero de extractos naturales para detener la alopecia
aceite de extractos de plantas para la alopecia
aceite capilar para detener la pérdida del cabello
aceite capilar para fortalecer el folículo capilar
aceite de extractos naturales para detener la caída del cabello

Herbal oil for hair growth

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ9521
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Introducing herbal oil 🌿 for hair growth, the perfect natural solution for thick and voluminous locks!

This powerful 100% herbal formula is designed to nourish the scalp and stimulate the follicles, resulting in increased hair growth and thickness. Our formula is packed with natural ingredients that work together to reduce hair loss and provide a fuller, healthier appearance. Get ready to embark on a journey towards a spectacular and abundant mane.

Order now and experience the incredible difference!

✅ Stops hair fall.

✅ Power growth.

✅ Stimulates the birth of new hair.

✅ Strengthens and nourishes the hair follicle.

✅ Thickens the hair fiber

1. After washing your hair, apply a few drops of our Herbal Oil directly to your scalp.

2. Massage and distribute it on your scalp 3 to 4 times a week.

3. Make sure to apply before bed so the product has time to work its magic overnight.

After each use, your hair will take on a persistently more pleasant scent!😉

Biotin, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil, Jojoba Oil, Peppermint Oil, Ginger Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil.

It takes about 3 months to make just one 2oz bottle of our Miracle Elixir for Hair Growth and Regrowth. The process is based on repeatedly soaking and heating all the herbs used in the formula for months until their concentrated essence is extracted. 👩‍🔬 Then it is strained and mixed with multiple essential oils that will enhance its function and that's it

Customer Reviews

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Herbal oil for hair growth

herbal oil for growth

I have barely 2 weeks using it 3 times a week. I have seen that my hair is growing where I did not have it. It's just beginning to be noticed. I will continue using it. It is the first time that I buy a product with you.

Silvia Hernandez

Good product

Maria A. Zaragoza
Very well

As soon as I'm using it I'll see the results but all your products that I bought are very good

Helen Sosa


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