queen hair argan oil

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ8346
argan essential oil
Argan oil
Tratamiento capilar con argán
Aceite de argán para cabello seco
Hidratación profunda con argán
Argán para cabello dañado
Aceite de argán para puntas abiertas
Brillo natural con aceite de argán
Aceite de argán para fortalecer el cabello
hair repair treatment

queen hair argan oil

The NiQuereña SKU: LNQ8346
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Are you looking for a hair care product to help keep your hair healthy and radiant?

Our Queen Hair Argan Oil is the perfect solution! This 100% natural oil is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are essential for healthy-looking hair.

Helps prevent premature graying of hair and repairs damaged hair with split ends, dehydrated, fine, brittle and dull hair. A few applications are enough to see a radical transformation in your hair.

To use, simply put some oil on your hands, rub it into your hair, and leave it on until your next hair wash. Get ready to feel and look like a queen with Queen Hair Argan Oil!

👉 For curly hair: if you have hair that is difficult to comb and very frizzy, put a little of this oil when combing. You will see how it will be easier to tame it!

👉 For open ends: If you notice that your hair is somewhat mistreated and has open ends, you don't have to cut it. Just apply argan oil to the ends every day to see how visibly healthier it looks after a short time.

👉 For dry and brittle hair: Distribute a little Argan oil in the hair and see how it quickly hydrates each hair fiber, strengthening hair and preventing breakage. Enjoy the shine and silkiness that it offers you.

👉 For irons, dryers, discolorations and dyes: It offers a shield against the heat of irons and dryers, amplifies the straightening result they offer and revitalizes hair after being subjected to dye or discoloration.

👉 For dandruff: if you have a dry scalp you may suffer from dandruff, itching or irritation, but if you put a little argan oil on your hair before going to bed and wash it the next day you will notice a great improvement with the passage of time. days.

Argan oil 90% and Tea tree seed oil 10%.

Apply 3 to 5 drops of argan oil in the palm of your hand. Rub them together with both hands to activate the product and distribute it evenly from the middle to the ends.

Suitable for all types of hair.

Product Type: Pure Argan Oil

Ingredient : Natural extracts

Gender: women

Age group: Adults

Characteristics: Moisturizing, Repairing, Smoothing and Straightening

Production date see package

Useful life: 3 years

Made in the USA for La Niquereña

Net Cont. 100 ml

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Very good oil leaves hair manageable


Has it not arrived yet?

Wendys Bilbao
I loved the products


Maria Gonzalez

I loved

Ana Lopez

Very good

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