Bergamot essential oil its properties and uses.

bergamot fruit

El Citrus × Bergamia, Bergamot in English or Bergamot in Spanish. It is the mixture of a lemon and an orange tree. This is a very potent citrus that contains various concentrated properties, many of which are extracted to create this essential oil. In this case, it is obtained from the skin of the fruit or peel. Through the cold pressing process, by hand from the bark of the almost ripe fruit of the bergamot tree.

Bergamot essential oil: properties and benefits.

bergamot essential oil

The main components of bergamot essential oil are Linalyl Acetate and Limonene, but it contains many more. This is used for various ailments and discomforts, but it stands out as a natural anxiolytic and antidepressant, as well as its uses as a rejuvenator and revitalizing hair and skin.

Antiseptic. Bergamot essential oil is a prominent antiseptic and is used to treat damaged skin, to heal wounds and prevent the spread of infections.

Skin problems In addition to being very effective in treating wounds and preventing the spread of bacteria, bergamot essential oil, due to its benefits, uses skin conditions such as certain skin problems such as acne and related skin symptoms with the nervous system, such as eczema or psoriasis. And if that weren't enough, for venous dilations and varicose veins, since it stimulates the blood flow of the skin.

Bergamot oil to treat skin infections

Recommendations for its Use

Before starting to comment on the multiple benefits it is convenient to consider that the Bergamot It belongs to the citrus family, so like the rest of citrus oils it is photosensitive, so cannot be applied to the skin if it is going to be exposed to the sun. This is due to bergapten It contains, phototoxic substance that, if applied to the skin and is exposed to sunlight, this oil can cause permanent discoloration of the skin.

 Bergamot oil benefits

El essential oil of Bergamot It has many beneficial properties for our health, some of its outstanding benefits are:

- It is very useful on oily skin and hair, also being used to improve dermatitis and psoriasis, as well as to heal wounds.

Bergamot oil for psoriasis

Prevents and fights the dry. It has vitamins that moisturize the hair from the root to the ends, repair the damaged parts and prevent the fibers from drying out due to the use of hair lotions, dyes, heat appliances, etc.

Bergamot oil to repair split ends of hair

- Your content in Vitamin C It is perfect for stronger and stronger hair and a completely healthy scalp.

Remove dandruff with bergamot oil

-It is excellent for treating oily hair and improving its appearance, as it helps regulate sebum production in the scalp and combat conditions such as dandruff or seborrhea.

After its application, the hair is much more manageable, soft and disciplined. It is one of the best products that exists to win the battle against frizz and be able to wear a perfect and beautiful hairstyle all day long.

-It is one of the few oils that after using it does not leave hair caked and on the contrary, it is more loose and silky.

Bergamot oil for shine and manageable hair

-It brings a sublime shine to the hair, so it is ideal to revitalize and beautify hair that looks dull, dull and lifeless.

In the market you can find several hair treatments that contain Bergamot for its incredible benefits to revitalize hair, as is the bergamot oil which is used for hair and beard. In La Niquereña you will find one of these natural treatments made from bergamot.

Properties and Benefits of Bergamot Shampoo

This Bergamot shampoo It serves to care, hydrate, nourish, repair, prevent hair loss and strengthen hair growth naturally, since it does not contain chemicals that damage or irritate the scalp.

benefits of bergamot hair shampoo

If you want strong, healthy, soft, shiny, hydrated hair, you need to apply this shampoo or bergamot oil on your hair every time you shower, you can also prepare this shampoo at home.

The properties and benefits of this fruit are incredible to take care of personal health or aesthetics, since bergamot oil is not only used for hair, but also to improve skin healing and heal wounds.

bergamot oil for hair benefits

You can get many benefits with this fruit and then I will show you what it has for hair and beard and pro that is so used in beauty centers:

It contains many Vitamins

Being a citrus fruit has vitamin C, in addition to other essential vitamins such as A and group B, but also contains minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium and sodium, they are found in the pulp of the fruit.

All these vitamins are essential for the care, hydration, nutrition, and repair of the hair fiber, managing to strengthen the hair, preventing hair loss and improving its natural growth, as well as repairing dry hair.

Hydrate the Hair

If your hair is mistreated and dry, bergamot has many nutrients that revitalize, repair and moisturize the hair fiber, thus preventing dryness of the scalp.

Bergamot shampoo for battered hair

In addition, it maintains moisture in the hair follicles for longer, thus achieving a more natural, healthy and full of life hair.

Eliminate excess sebum

If you have oily hair this fruit will help eliminate and control the excess fat that forms in the hair, since it regulates the PH of the skin, regulating and preventing a lot of fat from being produced in the scalp.

On the other hand, by keeping excess oil in the hair under control, other problems with fungus or dandruff appear on the scalp.

Repair the hair

This is because it contains many vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help repair the hair fiber, in addition to forming a protective layer against the damage suffered by pollution, the sun, dryer, straightener and other products.

It stimulates hair growth

Bergamot oil for hair growth

It contains antioxidants and nutrients that help improve blood circulation, which provides better oxygenation of the follicles, in addition to maintaining healthy hair helps improve growth and prevent hair loss.

bergamot shampoo for new hair

anti frizz

By constantly applying this original bergamot shampoo, you will find yourself more manageable, soft, with more shape, and will improve frizz, maintaining beautiful and healthy hair, you can easily comb and keep hair without frizz during the day.

It is antiseptic

It is a citrus fruit which contains antiseptic and antifungal properties, which helps control and eliminate fungal infections or bacteria in the scalp, which keeps it healthy.

Deflates, cleanses and nourishes the scalp so that it is healthy and strong, free of all dead cells.

Beard Bergamot Shampoo

bergamot oil for the beard

To keep a long, hydrated and healthy beard, bergamot oil is used on the beard as is the shampoo to take care of it.

It allows to shine, strengthen the beard and improve its growth, in addition to maintaining a good aroma, keeps it clean, heals wounds or cuts that can be made.

You can use the shampoo and bergamot oil that are used for the care of the beard and improve its appearance, so that any of these products will help maintain a strong, shiny, hydrated and healthy beard.


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