24 karat gold on our skin!

We know gold as a precious metal, for beautify thanks to jewelry, although you can also do it thanks to cosmetics.Since ancient times, this precious metal began to be used for skin care and beauty.

24K Bioaqua
Serum with Collagen and 24 Carat Microparticles
colágeno facial 24 kilates
colágeno de oro puro de 24 kilates
24 karat collagen face cream
Guan jing
parches de colágeno de 24 kilates
parches para quitar bolsas
24K Collagen Eye Patches
Guan jing
24k colágeno facial suero
suero facial con colágeno de 24 kilates
24K Collagen Regenerating Facial Serum
Guan jing
suero de 24 kilates
suero anti edad de 24 kilates
24 carat eye serum
Guan jing

How does 24 Karat Gold cosmetics work?

What beneficial actions does it have?

By improving the supply of nutrients, the skin is more hydrated and luminous.

Gold, in turn, acts as antirust by preventing the formation and accumulation of free radicals.

Some doctors describe multiple benefits of gold from anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and even anti-acne actions.

24 karat gold on our skin!

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1 comment

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